Why Choose Avonridge?

Since 1976, Avonridge has built more luxury homes in Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, and West Hartford than any other home builder in Connecticut. Avonridge has received over 20 HOBI awards and the owner, Tom Francoline has planned numerous award winning subdivisions in Connecticut.  Tom and his project managers work with you to design the house you want. With their assistance, you’ll be able to make choices on finishes and fixtures, floor plans, and virtually every detail of your home.

Tom’s experience is your greatest tool in planning out your construction, from which trees to keep on your lot, to supervision of site preparation. He will even follow through to the completed landscaping. Tom keeps in touch with each of his clients and the project managers.  His attention to detail keeps him involved in every facet in each job.


Avonridge has a vast array of experience in home additions and remodeling. Whether you live in Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, or West Hartford, Avonridge will be happy to prepare a conceptual design and estimate for your project no matter how large or small. Avonridge has also worked on projects in Salisbury Connecticut as well as Amenia and Millbrook in Dutchess County, New York, and Aiken, South Carolina.


Avonridge is also one of the most experienced Energy Star builders in Central and Northwestern CT. Your entire home, from windows to roof, and from appliances to water heater, can be Energy Star rated, saving you money on utility bills and helping to restore the planet.


This part of the country is rich in heritage and history, which is often reflected in the architecture of homes and businesses. When you begin your search for historic home renovators, Avonridge will honor not only the architecture of your home, but the building materials as well. The vast resources available to this established and experienced company can often open doors you never thought possible in getting era-specific building materials and reproductions. Not only that, your home can actually be brought up to code and modernized without ruining the historic character. Call Avonridge today to do your historic home renovation.


You have the choice of hiring your own architect and having Avonridge build your house or utilizing our design services as a design-build construction manager. Tom and his designers will work closely with you to design a home that fits your site and budget, and then “value-engineer” your plans to make sure you are getting the most and best for your investment. As with all Avonridge homes everything will be done to our exacting standards.

If you live in Central and Northwestern Connecticut, or Dutchess County, NY, call Avonridge today. We are presently building and renovating homes in West Hartford, the Northwest Corner and Amenia, NY.