Avonridge Renovations

Connecticut is rich in American history and heritage, as is evidenced by the architecture of homes and businesses in the area. Renovations to these historic buildings can often be difficult. Regulations govern what changes can be made to historic structures, and the structures themselves often offer particular challenges.

Avon renovations, as well as renovations in Farmington, West Hartford, and Simsbury, require experience, connections, and skill to be done properly. You need a contractor who knows where to find authentic, historic building materials, who can bring your building up to code without damaging the aesthetics.


Masterful renovation with Avonridge will meld elements of your historic home with your modern needs. Rustic elements can join with refined to create a masterpiece of comfortable living. The charm and craftsmanship of historic architecture is part of its appeal. But, it can certainly present a challenge to the renovator. Modern utilities often don’t work well with historic architecture, and must be implemented with skill and an eye for detail. Lathe and plaster walls and ceilings are difficult to modify, yet modification is crucial. Many of these homes have no insulation, either.

Avonridge is experienced in these renovations, and can maintain the historic aura of your home while bringing it up to code and making it comfortable. You don’t have to sacrifice the aristocratic architecture of your home to have a cutting-edge, fully-functional retreat.

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While any home built after 1930 is technically “modern”, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need renovation. Plumbing and electricity have come a long way in the last 75 years, and many older homes haven’t kept up.

Even newer homes often need renovation to make them fit the needs and tastes of the owners. Turn your generic 20-year-old house into a refined, artistic refuge envied by all. The clichéd spec-home can become a chic residence under the skilled tools of Avonridge.

Regardless of the extent of the renovations in your home, Avonridge is here to provide expert, tasteful work that will make your home exactly what you wanted. When we’re done, you’ll feel like your home was built just for you, regardless of when it was built.